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Responsive & Optimized for Kill the Shortcuts!

Supports All Windows x86 & x64 bit Platforms..!

Auto USB Scan Launcher

Every time you insert the USB devices, Shortcut Virus Fixer will ask the permission for Scan your USB Device. you may select two options such as Scan or Open your USB. Feel free to Select & Scan option.

Delete Invalid Shortcut in USB

After scan completed, list of invalid shortcuts will be listout. Then you can click "Delete". That's good. All the Shortcuts will be destroyed permenantly.

Fix Hidden Items

Now it is the time for forcely unhide all folder and files of your USB Device. Just click on the "Fix". A Command Prompt Window may open in Background and SVF will unhide shortcuts. This may take less then 1 minute. After mission completed you will hear the windows information sound. That's good. Now you can see all folder and files in your USB.

Fix Broken Shortcuts in your Hard Disk Drive

Select and Delete All Viruses & Fix Hidden Items on your Hard Disk Drive

Fix Broken Shortcuts in PC

Here is the another option for fix the invalid and broken shortcuts on your computer. Just click the scan button to initialize the engine. Now all the invalid shortcuts will display for your confirmation. Just delete them..!

All New Settings

All new modified settings for advanced users. It has 3 more features for Organize your Shortcut Virus Fixer.

Why it's best

These are the Top Featuers of Shortcut Virus Fixer

  • Autostart Option
  • Automatic USB Detection
  • Just 3 Steps to Fix USB
  • Deep Scan for Broken Shortcuts on your PC
  • Supports All Windows Platforms
  • No more PC Loading
Line Of Code Written
Days to Complete
pre checked computers
no of errors cleared


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